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We were members of HSLDA throughout the twelve years of our home school program. We had contacted HSLDA on several occasions and they have always responded to our needs. They provide excellent programs that help home schooling families in numerous ways. We have gained a considerable amount of knowledge from them, and we thank them for their encouragement, support, and their overall contribution to the home school movement.

PIE's HSLDA Group Discount is posted from the Member Center. We want to thank the members of PIE for participating in establishing PIE’s Group Discount with HSLDA. We are pleased to inform you that Palmetto Independent Educators has completed the application process and is now officially a “Registered HSLDA Discount Group”.

The office of PIE recommends the following:

  • Join Home School Legal Defense Association. We recommend you choose this group to interpret the home school laws and regulations on your behalf. They have a great program, and are willing to educate you so you can feel a sense of security within your home school.
  • Order the Home School Court Report, proved free to members of HSLDA. Non-members may subscribe for a fee. You can order this report online at HSLDA’s bookstore. A lot of interesting information can be found in this report.
  • Purchase ‘The Right to Home School’, and/or ‘Home Schooling in the United States: A Legal Analysis’. Reading these books will give you insight of your legal rights, and confidence in HSLDA’s knowledge. You will read about many home school families taking a stand, and you will find HSLDA there defending their rights. You will also gain a perspective for where we were, and where we are today, regarding home school laws and regulations.
  • Get involved with their Web site. Subscribe for E-lerts, and learn about the Legislative toolbox. By getting involved, we are supporting each other and our right to home school.

Home School Legal Defense Association was founded in 1983. Their mission is to defend and advance the constitutional rights of parents to direct the education of their children, and to protect family freedoms. HSLDA now has over 70,000 members that are supported by 60+ staff members. Learn more about member benefits through their Web site.


“Marking the Milestones” is a tribute to the pioneers of the home schooling movement, who blazed the trail for those who have followed. As a monument to the courage, vision, and steadfastness of the parents who stood firm in the face of adversity. “Marking the Milestones” serves as a vision for the future and testimony to the greatness of God who truly is our Protector.

History according to HSLDA “The Politics of Survival: Home Schoolers and the Law” can be viewed from their web site.


Home Schooling Today: We should have a clearer understanding of today's challenges. Even one active citizen can make a difference in his or her own community. Seventy thousand families' worth of activists can make a difference nationwide. The Home School Legal Defense Association unites these unusually effective citizen-activists into a force to be reckoned with.

Using their website as an affective information source, HSLDA is able to educate homeschoolers on up to date active Federal, and state legislation such as National Testing. With easy to use navigation tools we are able to respond quickly when the situation arises. The following is a list of affective tools, listed at HSLDA’s Web site that you will find useful.

  • E-lert Service: Members can subscribe to receive e-lerts by e-mail on local, state, national, and international home school issues.


  • Legislative Toolbox: Learn how you can contact your state and federal representatives.


  • State Action Map: Easy to use navigation tools.


  • South Carolina Law Summary Options 1-3: Palmetto Independent Educators is a 3rd option Association.


 Join HSLDA Today: Members of Palmetto Independent Educators are now eligible for the 15% membership discount at the reduced price of $95.00 per year when you use our Group Discount Number.

 The Court Report: Order the Home School Court Report, provided free to members of HSLDA. Non-members may subscribe for a fee. You can order this report online at HSLDA’s bookstore. A lot of interesting information can be found in this report.

 HSLDA Issues Library: This section of HSLDA's Web site is designed to provide current and archived information pertaining to home schooling.




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